The Ever Evolving Workplace

Adapting to the Remote and Hybrid Workplace.

2020 saw an unprecedented exponential increase in remote working worldwide. Due to global circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease), many unexpected challenges arose for us all, and changed the way we work, communicate, learn and connect. If we thought technology was an important part of our world before, this year has breached a new level.


Meet The New Devices From Cisco WebEx


The intelligent and powerful new camera from Cisco WebEx, built to enhance remote meetings and enable small, secure in-person meetings in the workplace.


The innovative device that seamlessly connects to your world, allowing you to make any desk you sit at, as functional and familiar as your own.


Meet the Desk Pro, the new desk device making it easy for you to connect and collaborate efficiently, as well as have an additional monitor at your disposal.

Discover the new inclusive remote work experience with WebEx

Noise Removal & Speech Enhancement

Silence distracting background noise like kids, dogs, keyboard typing and more, so your meeting participants hear only you.

Live Language Translations

The Webex Assistant provides a live translation of your meetings in 10 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Japanese.

Gestures & Reactions

Now there’s even more ways to express yourself in meetings with on-screen emojis for clapping, thumbs up/down, smiling, laughing, and more. Choose an animated reaction or simply gesture with your hands.

Immersive Share

Create a more immersive sharing experience by turning your shared content into your meeting background with your video overlayed on top.

Smart Status

Webex automatically sets your status when you’re in a meeting, sharing your screen, and out of office so everyone knows when you’re really available. Or set 'do not disturb' for those times you need to focus.

Meeting Templates

Create more efficient meetings with pre-defined meeting invite templates, including brainstorm session, quick catch-up, and more. Includes prompts to set an agenda, attach key content, add tools, and more.


Discover the ability to be reached via a single enterprise phone number that rings on both your IP desk phone and your cellular phone, simultaneously.

To help make the remote work experience more efficient and effective for everyone, Cisco introduced new Webex App capabilities at WebEx One in December of 2020.

  • Noise cancellation and speech enhancement: Muffle background noise from rustling papers, barking dogs and your gardener’s leaf blower.
  • Transcriptions and closed captioning: The ability to capture meeting transcripts in real-time has obvious value; my briefing for this announcement with Patel was held on a Webex call, and I could see our words appear almost immediately in a window on the screen. Reporters, at least, should, find this super-valuable.
  • Highlights and action items: New tools to track to-dos emerging from meetings.
  • Enhanced video layouts: The software now allows more flexibility in how you arrange team members on the screen.
  • Webex Huddles: A tool for quick, informal meetings, with no scheduling required.



Leverage your UC infrastructure and utilize the Jabber app as an an all-in-one communication tool.


Bring everyone together, face-to-face, with video conferencing and screen sharing on any device.

Learn more from what we learned at WebEx One.