Moving to a new office? Expanding your current space?

We design fully customized integrated technology solutions that allow for seamless use and easy adoption for all.

The Project Lifecycle


We collaborate with your management team to assess your technology needs.


We spend the most time here, making sure we have every requirement addressed and met.


We create a customized solution, utilizing next-generation technologies from world-class manufacturers.


We ensure a seamless transition for your organization to adopt and utilize advanced technologies.


We pay attention to the details on every implementation, ensuring we not only meet but exceed your expectations.


We act as an extension of your team, supplementing in-house audiovisual and IT resources with the best experts in the industry.

The way we work has changed.

Chances are it’s no longer 9 to 5. And it’s not all in one office.

Work today requires collaboration and involves teams spread across time zones.

Building a workplace for the future

In today's increasingly mobile and global business climate, you need easy and effective ways to bring people together to share ideas and make decisions. Our meeting solutions make it easy for everyone to be seen and heard, and work together effectively, from mobile devices or their own video systems. Find the right layout, solutions and design for your workforce today.



Content Collaboration


The new collaborative workspace.

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The new workspace model will enable communication and collaboration in ways that were simply not possible in a client-server desktop world, and in the process will create new opportunities for innovation, productivity, and cost savings.

The new workspace will become a platform of communications and collaboration capabilities that will be delivered to every user, even to those who have historically not used a PC in their job or to those who prefer new devices over the traditional PC.

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Smart devices for smarter collaboration


VoIP and video phones to meet a range of needs.


Business-class HD video at your desk.


Intelligent devices made simple for every space.