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Webex Devices help your team communicate clearly and create together in real time. It’s teamwork without interruption, just inspiration.

Meet Webex Devices

Get the most out of Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Teams with tools designed for better teamwork.

Cisco Webex Board

All-in-one smart whiteboard and video screen.  The Webex Board comes in three sizes—55-inch, 70-inch, and 85-inch screens—to cover all your creative and collaboration needs from huddle to boardroom.

Cisco Webex Room Devices

Bring more intelligence and usability to huddle, small, medium, large, and custom video-collaboration rooms with Cisco Webex Room 55, Room 55 Dual, Room 70 G2, and Room Kits.

Cisco Webex Desk Devices

Compact video systems designed for desktops. Meet with people like you’re in the same room, with life-size video on a 23-inch touchscreen. And you no longer need an external monitor or separate IP phone.

Explore More Webex Devices

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Cisco Webex Room Kits deliver the unmatched video and audio experience customers have come to expect. In addition, new capabilities enable even smarter meetings, smarter presentation capabilities, and smarter room and device integrations – further removing the barriers to usage and deployment of video in medium to large-sized rooms.

Cisco Webex Room 55 Single

The Room 55, which includes camera, codec, display, speaker system, and microphones integrated in a single device, is optimized for rooms that seat up to seven people. It is an all-in-one, integrated system that’s easy to install, use, deploy, and manage.

Cisco Webex Share

The Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized, affordable device that allows you to quickly and easily share content to any display without using cables or dongles. Wirelessly share your entire screen or a specific app with one click from your Webex Meetings or Webex Teams app.

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