Cisco Webex DX80

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SKU: webex-dx80 Category:


Discover a delightful new approach to working that is simple-to-use and offers a no-compromise collaboration experience. Upgrade your desktop with a virtual collaboration experience so stunning you will feel as though you and other participants are in the same room. Say goodbye to desktop clutter with a sleek Cisco® Webex DX80. Say hello to all-in-one desktop collaboration featuring High-Definition (HD) video, unified communications features, a display for your laptop, and expanded capabilities. The Webex DX80 offers:

●   A dedicated, always-on HD video communication system

●   An IP phone that provides essential features for knowledge workers

●   A high-quality audio system for speakerphone

●   A 23-inch 16:9 screen that provides an engaging experience for video calls

●   A multitouch capacitive touchscreen that provides an elegant and powerful user interface

●   A self-provisioning device that is simple for users to take out of the box and start using quickly

●   Easy “One-Button-To-Push” (OBTP) calling that integrates with common calendaring programs

●   Flexible registration models on-premises and in the cloud through Cisco Webex

●   Ability for administrators to use Cisco Expressway Series for the secure connection of their remote workers