Cloud based network performance monitoring and automation.

With business-critical software applications and data now in the cloud, networks are the gateway to everything your employees need to do their jobs. And if a problem causes the network to go down, it can bring your operation to a grinding halt. That interruption means lost productivity, and of course, lost revenue.

With our managed network services, backed by Auvik’s industry-leading network management software, your network will just work. Kind of like electricity, it’ll run silently and reliably in the background, powering your business to do what it does best.

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Remotely monitor your network and spot potential issues before they affect your connection and productivity

Assess your network and ensure it’s designed to support your current and evolving business needs

Reduce your network risk and rapidly resolve issues with real-time network configuration backups

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Network Topology

Automated Network Mapping
In minutes, see a complete map of physical and logical topologies.

Automated inventory
Have a profile for every device on a network at your fingertips. Export the data to a spreadsheet or sync it to ConnectWise Manage or Autotask.

Network Documentation
Instantly know how everything on a network is connected and configured.

IP Address Management
Get an automatic list of all the IP addresses you’re currently using and which devices are using them.

Map Search & Filter
Quickly find and visually isolate any part of a managed network.

Map Export
Print any map view to PDF or SVG for easy sharing or storage.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Alerts & Notifications
Stay on top of important events on your client networks with preconfigured alerting that works out of the box. Customizable if desired.

Service Monitoring
Inventory and monitor the services running on nearly any device.

Context-Aware Data 
Get relevant and actionable information tailored to each device type.

Rich Statistics
Understand and improve the stability of your client networks with usage and health stats.

Live & Historic Data
View network performance as it happens with 60-second polling, or dive into detailed logs.

Remote Management

In-App Terminal
Securely access any Telnet or SSH-enabled device on a network—from anywhere.

Remote Browser
Log into any device’s web interface directly from your Auvik dashboard.


Network Evidence
Instantly know where a device has been seen across a network.

Configuration Restore
Instantly bring back any configuration from the version history.

Debug Data
All the technical debugging data you need, pooled in one easy-to-access location.

Configuration Analysis
Get suggestions for improving the performance and stability of your client networks.

Configuration Management
Know exactly how devices are configured and when they change. Never miss a backup.

With our deep network insights, our managed network services include the remote, real-time monitoring and management of your  network so you can focus on what you do best. You’ll get:

  • Greater business productivity
  • Fewer issues requiring support
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More peace of mind

Get a deep understanding of your network

  • A complete and accurate map of your network, including gear that’s been hidden away or forgotten and all sorts of rogue devices (IoT, IP cameras, unmanaged switches, etc.). No device left behind!
  • A complete profile for every device, including make, model, serial number, firmware version, and other key data.
  • Details on how everything on your network is connected and configured across all of your locations.
  • A list of all the IP addresses you’re currently using and which devices are using them.
  • All of this data and visualization is maintained in real-time so if we ever need to troubleshoot, we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

Vigilant monitoring of your network

  • Implements 24/7 monitoring and alerting tuned to network best practices.
  • Tracks usage and health statistics on your network, which we can see in real-time.
  • Starts building and storing historic performance data, which we can use for analysis, troubleshooting, and forecasting.
  • With the data we get, we’ll always have a finger on the pulse of your IT environment.