Yotta Connect LLC

1359 Broadway Suite 1208

(40th and Broadway)

New York, NY 10018

(646) 604-4400


With deep roots in network and audiovisual industries, Yotta connect provides design, implementation and support services for an IP-centric AV network.

We Know
The Network

Our expertise designing and supporting IP networks allows us to design simple to use, aesthetically pleasing audiovisual solutions.

We Facilitate

Our solutions are designed to be reliable, easy to integrate, intuitive to operate, and accessible for all.

We Appreciate

We understand the importance of bridging a designer’s vision with the technology embraced by users.

We Pay Attention
To Detail

From furniture design to wiring and connector choices our attention to detail of all visible and invisible components, ensures a sleek and seamless design.

We Practice

We believe in full transparency and open communication to foster effective and efficient collaboration with our clients. Consider us an extension of your team.